13. An important TIP about TIPS

What should you do with all those tips that often contradict each other?

Every saxophonist, sax teacher, repairman, seller, etc. has its own package of ideas, knowledge, and preferences with regard to:
saxophones (brand, type, series, year, paint, serial numbers, material), reeds (thickness, brand, plastic/bamboo, cleaning, processing), reed clamps, pads, wipers, cases, straps, standards, posture, tone, sound, embouchure, attack, breath support, exercises, methods, reading notes, listening, improvising, playing by heart, etc.

Frequently, knowledge and new facts are shared at rehearsals, in shops, during lessons, workshops, performances and of course a lot on the internet. And there are not many things that everyone has the same opinion about. And that’s fine, that also keeps it extra interesting.

What I actually want to say is that if you read my BLOG, consider that this is the knowledge that I gained from my own experiences and that there are multiple different opinions. And that you ultimately choose what you think is the most logical. That is also how I have built up my current ‘knowledge’ and I am still expanding and adjusting it.

So my advice is not to believe too quickly what is being said; and of course that also applies to my tips 🙂

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