08. Playing and trying out other instruments

It’s a good idea to try out other instruments. If possible, in a band or in a workshop. This way you get a better idea about the functions, possibilities, and difficulties of other instruments. Big chance that you also discover other musical paths. You become more aware of the role of the bass, guitar, piano, drums. You also understand a bit more about the consultation that the other musicians have with each other, according to keys, chord diagrams, tempo, rhythms, and styles.

As a wind blower, you are mostly not taking part in those conversations in a band, since we ‘just’ play melody lines, improvised or written out.

Playing the bass guitar is perhaps most useful to do for a while. It’s relatively easy compared with piano and guitar; and the bass has a very important supporting role in a band, along with the drums. It’s quite different compared to the role of wind blowers.

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