Why this method?

Because improvising and playing by heart is great fun!

' You don't learn to talk from a book either...'

Unlock the joy of playing by heart, with ease

Playing music from the heart and improvising on intuition can be very enjoyable and, with the right approach, it’s also easy to learn!

Breaking free from sheet music dependency

In my years as a teacher, I've noticed that many students struggle to connect with their instruments. Their reliance on sheet music often prevents them from truly understanding their instrument. This tendency is particularly common among wind players, who traditionally learn from books with notated music. Unfortunately, this approach often diverts their attention to reading, leaving little room for exploring the instrument's nuances and the music's emotional depth.

It's disheartening that many wind players feel stuck depending on sheet music and believe that playing by heart and improvising on intuition is too challenging. The good news is that it doesn't require exhaustive theoretical knowledge or mastering all scales to start playing and improvising by heart. While such knowledge could be helpful, it certainly is not a necessity.

Learning in an easy, natural, and fun way

My learning method, embraced by quite some users by now, showes that acquiring these skills can be simple and enjoyable. Over the years, I've given lessons and workshops to beginners, advanced players, music school teachers, and to saxophone students at different conservatories. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, this approach works for all levels.

The origin of my method

Reflecting on my experiences as a musician and teacher, I noticed a stark contrast between wind players and musicians of other instruments. Beginning guitar players, bassists, drummers, singers and keyboard players often start by playing along on ear with their favourite records.

For starting wind players, this approach is a lot more difficult. They often rely on sheet music, and the scarcity of suitable material makes it hard to practice continuously and in an effective way.

This shortage inspired me to create a practice method for blowers, that at the same time, breaks away from sheet music dependency. This auditive method helps to improve skills like listening, copying riffs and melodies, timing and tone development.

Experience the method yourself

You can purchase this method by:

  • Renting a few or more of my 24 auditive improvisation videos. You start improvising along with me, discovering the joy of playing by heart, and unlocking a world of musical possibilities!
    For more info and examples, see Improvise along with me

  • Downloading for free 50 mp3 tracks. These feature short riffs, played over drum rhythms, that you should instantly try to copy. It’s an excellent way to refine several of your musical skills without the distraction of sheet paper.
    For more info plus a few examples, see CopyMe
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